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Erskine Lake in Ringwood, New Jersey is one of the best places to spend your summer! You can't beat this neighborhood when it comes to year round fun for homeowners. This lake association can be joined by homes in a certain area of Ringwood, and as your local experts, we can guide you as to which homes on which streets are eligible to join. The following is a quick primer on the lake and what it has to offer:

Fun fact: Erskine Lake is named after Robert Erskine, who was a surveyor for George Washington. His contribution to the area made him well known, and he had the privilege of being buried at Ringwood Manor. 

Little Beach is usually the first beach area you see when you drive into the community, and is located on the lower lake. Little Beach Clubhouse is near where the lifeguard stand is. You'll see a lot of people set up there with umbrellas, floats and tubes they use to go out floating in the lake.

Shortly after World War two, the high dive (aka Memorial Tower) was built by the residents to honor the World War II vets, and add a bit more adventurous fun to the lake. A few years later, the amphitheater was added, for another great gathering area.

The area known as upper Erskine Lake is about 33 acres in size. It was built back in the thirties when they damned off a natural stream. In this area you will find the main clubhouse and the upper lake pavilion (where Fab Friday events are hosted).

Each of the lake's special interest clubs host a night during the summer months. The different groups provide music and sell food in order to raise funds. Some of these group include the Men's Club, Women's Club and more.

One of the other great features of Erskine Lake is that there is an aquatics club which is open to the members of the other lakes. It's a competition swim team for the kids of the community during the summer months.

On a daily basis in the summer, you will find the lake full of activity. From kids having swimming lessons and doing arts and crafts to sports. The lake offers basketball courts, volleyball areas, and a playground. For the adults, there is darts league, horseshoes, fishing and more- something for everyone. 

For more info, check out our YouTube videos on Erskine Lakes here: