Lake Lowering In North NJ

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We cover lots of towns in North Jersey and a lot of them have lakes, and there's a lot of peculiar things about living on a lake sometimes. One of them is that they actually have to lower lakes periodically in order to do repairs on docks, dams and property.

Usually, in the fall after the summer swimming and boating season is over, the lakes will lower the levels of the water. It gives an opportunity for the lake associations time to address issues that are normally under water, for their dock areas, buildings and dams. Lakefront homeowners also have the chance to do the repairs on their docks.

If you're driving or walking by in the autumn, it's not uncommon to see some of the docks resting on the now-exposed lake floor. You can see the bands of where the water was, how high the water normally is and how it is lower. You can also see rocks, roots and natural formations that are exposed.

Once the rains and then winter snow come, the lakes slowly refill on their own. You can watch as the levels return to normal, and everyone has freshly fixed up docks, ready for more spring and summer fun. From fishing to swimming and more, we take our water seriously here in North NJ!Ā 

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